Welcome to the Russian Voices video project! This project seeks to introduce students at all levels of instruction to the complex, multiple perspectives that exist among speakers of Russian through access to authentic video interviews.

Nobel Prize-winning author Svetlana Alexievich powerfully affirms that while, “each person offers a text of his or her own […]. Life moves on much too fast—only collectively can we create a single, many-sided picture” (A Conversation with Svetlana Alexievich By Ana Lucic, 2015). Russian Voices has begun the work of collecting some of these rich “human texts” and making them available to students and teachers of Russian. Through the interviews gathered here, Russian Voices aims to provide students with a more personalized and nuanced picture of contemporary Russian culture.

The Russian Voices project is available for use to all instructors of Russian free of charge. Please register for a teacher’s account in order to get started.

Students, please use the code given to you by your instructor to sign up for an account and access the videos.