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Davidson Domains is meant to encourage agency and engagement in digital spaces both private and public. Who are you and how do you want to present yourself online? Who do you want as an audience for your work? How can you best share your work and where will it lead you? Where will you think in the open?    


Through Davidson Domains, every student at Davidson College has the opportunity to register their own custom domain name and claim a space for themselves within the digital world. Domains empowers you to manage and develop an online space independent of third parties and social platforms. Once you graduate, you can choose to take your domain with you.


With Davidson Domains, your digital space can become whatever you imagine. With access to thousands of applications like WordPress and Omeka, the possibilities for your domain are endless. Take advantage of resources available through the Digital Learning Team and the Media Consultants, and watch your domain house beautiful websites, blogs, portfolios, and more!

Davidson Domains